The BT announcement of the withdrawal of ISDN digital lines by 2025 has given the industry a massive shift in momentum for the installation of SIP lines. SIP lines are primarily internet based and not delivered on a dedicated line, they can be provided across your existing Internet connection, subject to having enough spare bandwidth to be utilised for voice traffic. Alternatively, a dedicated internet connection can be installed specifically for the delivery of SIP/Voice traffic.

With the reduction in rental charges for SIP, making it lower than ISDN; the migration process is simple and one all businesses should be considering. Not only will you benefit from cheaper line rental per SIP channel, the networks provide inclusive call bundles. This will deliver a significant monthly saving, by giving you free calls to local, national and UK mobiles. We have found that migrating our customers to SIP, we have been able to achieve on average a 50% saving across their monthly line and call costs. This more than covers the required SIP licenses and/or any software upgrades required to connect to SIP.

The on-going support and programming of SIP is far simpler than the current ISDN lines, currently waiting times are restricted for BT Openreach to react to issues and implement changes. SIP can be managed and controlled, reset, forwarded instantly via a web portal. Furthermore, SIP can provide Network Based Queues to prevent your business giving out the busy tone, enabling you to maintain the number of lines your business requires.

As part of the SIP based technology, full management statistics can be supplied on calls delivered, talk times, wait times and disaster recovery plans can be automatically set in place should there be an issue with the delivery of your SIP calls.

SIP therefore delivers a greater control and management in line connectivity and provides far greater flexibility depending on your requirements.

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