With increasing business demands the need to converge voice, data and video onto a unified communications network is growing. Organisations have to evolve their strategies in order to support employees in accessing new technologies in an efficient and secure way. Our Business Grade Connectivity and Networking solutions deliver the route to enabling new ways of working

Supporting you through the latest technology at the lowest costs

Our Business Grade Broadband, Superfast Broadband, EFM, Ethernet and IPVPN offerings give you the speeds, scalability and control that support your organisation through the latest technology at the lowest costs. With the largest all-IP network in the UK, our Next Generation Network provides the speeds and guaranteed bandwidth that businesses need to make the most of the most up-to-date applications, and reduce costs.

With our Business Grade support we’ve made sure that the service we deliver provides the right levels of care for businesses. This includes having an extensive number of UK-based customer service professionals, fast fix guarantees and access to the tools you need, when you need them. Our business can help you to develop a migration or convergence plan to improve technologies, better support hosted solutions and increase efficiency and productivity. Helping you to examine costs in greater detail at a granular level to unlock and optimise truly Business Grade connectivity. So, you’ll be in control of your connectivity and networking for the future.