Maincoms Business Call Service

The benefits of this service are…

Multiple networks for reliability

Maincoms has the facilities to provision service on to several tier one networks. With this network redundancy, you’ll have the security of knowing that if one network becomes unavailable, we can quickly and remotely switch you to another.

Whatever happens in the telecoms markets, we carry the risk. You get excellent call quality, discounted rates and continuous operation.

Central billing for simplicity

We can simplify your communications by routing all of your calls from all of your offices. Multi-office consolidation can offer you centralised billing by cost centre, enabling you to cut administration costs. We can even enable home office staff to automatically charge their work calls to your business account and so eliminate expense forms.

Managed service reports for increased control

You will receive detailed, graphical reports each month direct from Maincoms. They will give a complete analysis of your outgoing calls for all of your offices and home-workers. You will be able to find out when calls are made, which were the most expensive calls, the most dialled numbers and much, much more. This reporting structure is offered at no extra cost to your company.

Responsive support

Our experienced helpdesk is available to deal with all your enquiries. Instead of waiting to get through on an automated phone line, our experienced staff will be waiting to receive your call. We aim to save you time and to give you a personal but professional service.

Cost savings now and in the future

Our service is managed monthly for you. Behind the scenes, we negotiate with the networks to obtain the best rates on our customer’s behalf using the buying power of our whole customer base. You see the benefit through consistently low telephone bills.

Complete managed solution

Maincoms is an established provider of line rental services. By managing both your outbound calls and your lines we can provide a complete service for these key parts of your business communication.